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System Shock 2

All alone in space, aboard the Von Braun, you awake. However, you do not find any of your comrades. Instead, only an eerie ambience and signs of destruction greet you. Your infolink sputters on, and you hear a voice...

System Shock 2 is a survival-horror-FPS-RPG set in the far future, the sequel to the acclaimed System Shock. It eschews the former's clunky interface for a (back then) clean and streamlined look. However, in spite of the high tech cyberpunk, you soon discover a deep horror, The Many. As you fight to escape from this massive hivemind, you will find one of the more unique experiences within a RPG.

My Thoughts

This is up there as one of the greatest horror games. Yes, despite its clunkiness and age, the developers managed to synthesize one of the most immersive experiences ever. The key lies in the brilliant sound design and pacing. Be aware, it is notorious for its difficulty. Yet despite all this, it still remains mone of my most cherished games. 9/10



Since the game came from the late 90s, there are bound to be issues when running on modern systems. If you bought the game digitally, then it comes pre-patched. However, if you have the 1999 installer, then please get SS2Tool.


By default, the game comes with an unusual control scheme. Regardless, in the control presets, you can change that to a more modern scheme.

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