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Team Fortress 2

Released way back in 2007, Team Fortress 2 is a F2P Class-based Shooter released by Valve Software. The game is still being actively developed by Valve, and commands an impressive playerbase. Oh, and it probably helped popularize loot crates and trading to Westerners.

My Thoughts

TF2 is still a very fun game, though with the recent changes to it I think Valve has taken a turn for the worse. In its current state, 7.5/10.


Pre-round shenanigans, note the varied heavy fashions.

Playing Engineer on CTF mode.

French Sniper.

Heavy carnage.



If you're on a public server, please pay attention to your team's situation and choose a class accordingly. For professional TF2, classes are determined before the match. Class Guides are available at TheOperator's Pastebin.


Movement is important, but not as essential to TF2. Do learn how to rocket jump or sticky jump.


Thankfully, TF2 too can run on your GMA 950 Toaster. Just head on over to cfg.tf to make a config.


The default TF2 HUD, though adequate, may not be optimal for enthusiast players. Head on over to huds.tf to find a HUD to install.